Geography of Figuig

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. Administratively
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Figuig Géographie - Oued Zousfana

Figuig : Geographic coordinates

Latitude   32 degrees, 7 minutes and 1 second, N
Llongitude 1 degree 13 minutes and 37 seconds, west
Distance from Equateur 3571,24 Km
Altitude 903 m
Figuig : Administratively
City FIGUIG part of the Oriental region, the 3rd region in the administrative division of Morocco, which includes 16 regions. And BOUAARFA is the capital of the province of FIGUIG.
Région de l'oriental
Les provinces   Carte Superficie

1) Nador

2) Berkane

3) Oujda-Angad

4) Taourirt

5) Jerada

6) Figuig  
figuig, Région de l'oriental 82820 km²
Figuig figuig, Région de Figuig 55950 km²

Figuig Coat and Code

Zip code 61000
Time ( GMT )
Emblem of the province of FIGUIG figuig : Emblème de la province de FIGUIG

FIGUIG on the map
The city is located FIGUIG south-eastern Morocco near the Moroccan-Algerian border. Distant from the city of almost 384 km OUJDA and the town of Bani-Ouane (Algeria) 8km Figuig houses and a strategic border area and, again, very sensitive between Morocco and Algeria.


Figuig topography and landforms
The metropolitan area is structurally FIGUIG the great mountain range of Morocco: High Atlas, and specifically the IS side. This explains the presence of several mountains in this area. These mountains form a sort of natural barrier around the city Figuig, and play a specific role in the survival of the city. Figuig, according to geological experts, has benefited greatly from these mountains. Obviously, as some underground tunnels are considered a large rainwater tank, including a large body of water that flows from the mountain town above (High Atlas). On the other hand, these mountains hinder the sanding of the oasis. Below is a list of major mountains surrounding FIGUIG.

Location and heigh

EAST side:

 La montagne  La hauteur
Laamour  2160 m

NORTH side:
 La montagne  La hauteur
Sifa 1876 m
Bani samir  2152 m


La montagne   La hauteur 
Aal arja 1050 m
Zrika abdelkaader 1000 m

 The side NORTHWEST:

 La montagne  La hauteur
Himour 1168 m
Krouz 1647 m

 WEST side:

La montagne La hauteur
Lamïz 1909 m

SOUTH side:
 Includes several small mountains. They will cite in order of their location EAST WEST:

La montagne   La hauteur
Jermane 1047 m
Sidi youssef 1065 m
Taghla 1117 m
Zenaga 1051 m
Melias 1128 m

Ssatellites photos
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