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Ifyyiy (Figuig) and tourism :
How to come to the Amazighs?

Welcome to the land of the Amazigh!

Map of the world

For a global sight of the distance which separates you from the town of Ifyyiy , please look at this map.


Geographical co-ordinates:

The city of Ifyyiy (Figuig)

. The latitude: 32 degree and 7 minutes and 1 second, North
. Longitude: 1 degree and 13 minutes and 37 seconds, West
. The distance from the equator: 3571,24 km

Air and Maritime transport in Morocco

Air transport: airports

. Map of the international airports of Morocco:

Ifyyiy , Carte des Airports internationaux du Maroc

. Classification of the airports according to their distance of the town of Ifyyiy (Figuig):

Oujda Angad
Nador Al-aroui
Fes Sais
Rabat Salé
Mohamed V Casablanca
Tanger Ibn Batouta
Tétouan Saniat R'mel
Marrakech El-Manara
Agadir Al-Massira

. Air lines of Morocco with the rest of the world:

Moroccan cities:

All Moroccan airports communicate with each other through internal lines:

Airport Oujda Angad
Nador Al-aroui Airport
Bouarfa Airport
Fes Sais Airport
Rabat Salé Airport
Mohamed V Casablanca Airport
Tanger Ibn Batouta Airport
Tétouan Saniat R'mel Airport
Marrakech El-Manara Airport
Agadir Al-Massira Airport
El Hossima Acharif El Idrissi Airport
Beni Mellal Airport
Ouarzazate Airport
Ad-dakhla Airport
Guelmim Airport
Errachidia Moulay Ali Cherrif Airport
Ifrane Airport
Laayoune Hassan I Airport
Saouira Mokadour Airport

North African countries:

Algérie Libye Mauritanie Tunisie
Alger Tripoli Nouakchott  Tunis
Oran .   .

Arab countries:

Arabie Saoudite  Egypte Emirates Arabes Unis Liban
Riad  Le Caire Dubaï Beyrouth
Jeddah . . .

African countries:

Cote d'ivoire Ghana Mali Congo Guinée
Abidjan Acra Bamako Brazzaville Conakry
Libéria Bénin Cameroon Sierra Leone  Guinée équatorial
Monrovia Cotonou Yaoundé Freetown Malabo

Sénégal Togo Niger Gabon
Dakar Lomé Niamey Libreville
Burkina Faso . . .
Oagadougou .. . .

North American countries:

USA  Canada
Washington Montréal
New York .
Atlanta .
Los Angeles .
Seattle .
San Francisco .

European countries:

France Italie Espagne Pays bas Suisse
Bordeaux Rome Madrid Amsterdam Genève
Lille Milan Barcelone . Zurich
Marseille Bologne Malaga . .
Lion . Séville . .
Montpellier . Santiago . .
Nantes . Palma . .
Nice . Mallorca . .
Turin . Bilbao . .
Toulouse . Valence . .
Strasbourg . . . .
Mulhouse . . . .
Paris . . . .

Belgique Allemagne Royaume uni Turquie Portugal
Bruxelles Frankfort Londres Istanbul Lisbonne
. Düsseldorf . . .

Maritime transport: ports

. Map of the principal ports of Morocco:

figuig, Carte des principaux ports du Maroc

. Classification of the ports according to their distance of the town of Ifyyiy (Figuig):

Port Nador
Port El hoceima
Port Casablanca
Port Tanger
Port Agadir

. Maritime lines between Morocco and the rest of the world:

France France Italy Royaume uni Espagne
Marseille Gené Gibraltar Malaga
Séte . . Aljasiras

In the Kingdom of Morocco: the road lines

. Which are the roads which carry out to Ifyyiy (Figuig) ?

Two principal roads connect the town of Ifyyiy to the remainder of the other cities:

Road 17, of Oujda while passing by Ain Beni Mathar, Tendrara and Bouarfa to finish in Ifyyiy :
- the distance from Oujda with Ifyyiy (Figuig) is of 384 km
- the distance from Bouarfa with Ifyyiy (Figuig) is of 117 km

Road 10, which crosses er-rachidia and finished in Bouarfa:
- the er-rachidia distance with Ifyyiy/Figuig is of 404 km
- the er-rachidia distance with Bouarfa is of 287 km

. Map of the roads of Morocco:

Ifyyiy , Carte des routes du Maroc

. Means of transport:

From Oujda and Er-rachdia the existing means of transport are the coaches and the taxis.

. Are the cities on the way of Ifyyiy (Figuig) equipped?

The town of Oujda: Is one of the large cities of the kingdom; total equipment.

The town of er-rachidia: City fairly equipped. .

Ain Beni Mathar, Tendrara and Bouarfa: Are small cities, relatively equipped; Gasoline stations, small hotels, bar-restaurant,

. Useful info:

The roads which carry out to Ifyyiy all are tarred, some are very narrow.
The languages spoken in Morocco are Tamazight language and Darija dialect. also French, Arab, Spanish language.
The currency of Morocco is Moroccan Dirham; 1 $ American give almost 8 to 10 Dirhams and 1€ give almost 11 Dirhams (take care to consult the rates of exchanges for precise conversions)

Ifyyiy files

Ifyyiy pages

Several information available about Figuig and in several languages

Figuig and its monuments

Figuig and its monuments

Figuig and its monuments

The town of Figuig is composed of seven Ksour. This characteristic ksarienne by which Figuig is characterized classifies the city among yhe cities having preserved a historical heritage in the field of old constructions. Knowing that constructions of Ksour are not nowadays. And rare thje cities who dispose it. The city of Figuig is considered like a national heritage in its aspect ksarien.

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Geography of Figuig

Geography of Figuig

  Geography of Figuig

Figuig : Geographic coordinates

Latitude   32 degrees, 7 minutes and 1 second, N
Llongitude 1 degree 13 minutes and 37 seconds, west
Distance from Equateur 3571,24 Km
Altitude 903 m


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History of the town of Figuig

History of the town of Figuig

  History of the town of Figuig

Located in eastern Morocco, Figuig is one of the oldest cities in the kingdom. Known for its climate semi - desert, date palms and countless Ksour. Formerly, there were several ksour, but today only seven are still standing, including:

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